South Africa is facing one of the most serious challenges since the  demise of apartheid, in the form of HIV/AIDS. The University of  KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) is situated in one of the Provinces most  affected by this pandemic where the high prevalence of HIV is  placing a huge demand on all sectors of service delivery, economic  development, teaching and learning.  The University therefore, through this policy is committed to  ensuring that its interventions of prevention, treatment, care,  support and research actively address the ravages of the epidemic  and help both staff and students to deal with its impact in a realistic  and meaningful way.

Through its core competencies UKZN aims to ameliorate the impact  of HIV/AIDS within the University, and within the broader  community. It will develop policies and practices based on principles  of respect for human rights and dignity of people. The fundamental  principle at UKZN is that of a comprehensive approach to HIV/AIDS
with educational and preventive interventions as the foundation  activities to safeguard the interests of the University of KwaZulu  Natal, its staff and students.  This policy should be read in conjunction with the UKZN HIV/AIDS
Plan. This policy and the Plan express the University’s recognition of its responsibility to facilitating access to HIV and AIDS  information, prevention, treatment, care and support services for all  staff and students, including direct provision of these services where  available resources permit.  Furthermore, this policy is the University’s commitment to the
development of a working and learning environment that is free of  unfair discrimination, stigmatization of HIV, and where people living with HIV/AIDS are assured of their rights being upheld and  protected.

The University is further committed to applying the same statutes,  policies, procedures and regulations to students, student and  employee applicants, with HIV/AIDS as are applied to persons with  other disabling conditions.
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