Confidentiality and Disclosure
The University shall not coerce any staff or student to disclose their HIV status but will treat any disclosure of positive HIV status in strict confidentiality and prohibit discrimination and victimization on that basis.


8.1 When a staff or student voluntarily discloses his/her positive HIV status, the information may not be disclosed to others including management or supervisors without the individual’s written consent. However individuals will be
encouraged to consider shared confidentiality in order to enable them to get assistance that they may require.

8.2 Voluntary disclosure of a staff member’s or student’s HIV status to the appropriate authority is encouraged and will
be protected. Management will ensure an enabling environment in which the confidentiality of such information
is ensured and that unfair discrimination is not tolerated.

8.3 Any breach of confidentiality shall be subject to the fullest extent of the legal remedies available, and the University
will assist in ensuring that confidentiality is protected.
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