Counseling Care and Support
Staff and students will have access to free VCT services on-campus, and the University encourages staff and students to know their HIV status.

10.1 VCT will be offered by the Campus VCT counselor at the Campus clinic or other identified service providers.

10.2 All infected students and staff not on medical aid will have access to the University’s wellness programme run at the campus clinics. HIV positive students and staff may be referred to local health facilities for ongoing treatment.

10.3 The University will facilitate the setting up of support groups for affected and/or infected members of the
University community in each campus, but the University will not be able to provide the necessary palliative care and
support for the last stages of the terminal illness. All efforts will however be made to refer the individual to an
appropriate environment such as a hospital, hospice or for home-based care.

10.4 Counseling and post-exposure prophylaxis will be provided at the campus clinics for rape survivors and those who become accidentally exposed to the risk of HIV in their occupational environments.

10.5 Confidential supportive counseling, including bereavement counseling, will be offered by the Student Counseling
Centre and/or other identified service providers on an individual and/or group basis.

10.7 The level of the care and support offered by the University shall be determined by budgetary considerations, and the sustainability of such care interventions. The University shall always strive towards a sustainable quality of care.
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