Education and Awareness
The University shall continue to prioritize prevention interventions as key to mitigating the impact of the pandemic through initiatives and activities which inform staff and students of HIV and AIDS issues. This will include workplace programmes for staff, provision and promotion of VCT for staff and students in all campuses, increasing accessibility of condoms and treating sexually transmitted infections.

9.1 Information, education, and communication material relating to HIV & AIDS shall be made available to students
and staff through the campus HIV/AIDS Support Units in each campus. Staff members and students will be
encouraged to become involved in HIV & AIDS initiatives and activities on campuses and in their communities.

9.2 All new students and employees will be invited to participate in awareness campaigns during orientation and
induction days and the University will maintain, as part of its website, information on HIV/AIDS activities, and links to
local and international organizations.

9.3 Important international and national calendars days and other relevant commemorative days will be used to raise
AIDS awareness and provide AIDS education
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