Employnment and Staff
The University will not require pre-employment or conduct compulsory testing for HIV among staff, but will promote a nondiscriminatory workplace in which people living with HIV or AIDS are able to be open about their HIV status without fear of stigma orrejection.

6.1 All staff will be encouraged to go for Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing (VCT). The University may
implement special VCT programmes to provide scientific information to monitor and assess the impact of the
University’s HIV/AIDS Plan in order to help with the improvement of existing intervention programmes. Such
testing will be implemented within current ethical legal rules and guidelines.

6.2 The HIV status of a prospective staff member shall not be an adverse consideration for the purposes of the selection of such staff member by the University and neither shall any member of staff be dismissed, denied benefits or their contract or employment discontinued on account of their HIV status, provided the staff member is able to work
normally and effectively.

6.3 If and when a staff member with HIV or AIDS becomes medically unfit to continue working under normal
conditions, current legal provisions for alternatives will be followed. If, however, the person is no longer able to work,
the appropriate provisions in the conditions of service relating to termination of work on medical grounds and
standard UKZN’s disability and incapacity procedures shallbe invoked.

6.4 The HIV status of staff shall not be a consideration inrespect of staff training and development, promotions and
University of KwaZulu-Natal HIV/AIDS Policy the awarding of financial aid or staff loans, where such
loans are permitted and applicable.

6.5 Any transfer of a staff member on the basis of their HIV status shall be done, in consultation with the staff member,
where this clearly serves and is in the best interests of such staff member.
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