Obligations and Responsibilities
Members of the University Community have the responsibility to protect themselves and others from HIV infection through all means possible and to become informed about all aspects of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, and alleviation of impact.

5.1 Students and employees living with HIV and AIDS are ethically, morally and legally obliged to behave in such a
way as to pose no threat of infection to others. They are urged to seek medical advice to ensure they live as healthy,
normal and productive a life as possible.

5.2 All members of the University community including those with HIV and AIDS are expected to perform the duties
assigned to them. Unless medically justified, no student may use their HIV/AIDS status as an excuse for absence
from scheduled classes, assignments and tests, examinations, study/course requirements or other academic
activities. Likewise no member of staff shall use their HIV/AIDS status, unless medically justified, as an excuse for
failing to come to work or complete duties
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