The University shall provide within its budget access to basic treatment, care and support services as set out in Items 11.1 and 11.2 below to those members of staff and students infected with HIV needing such treatment. For ongoing ARV treatment or where additional treatment is required the necessary referrals to suitable state ARV treatment sites and health facilities will be made.

11.1 Appropriate Post-exposure Prophylactics shall be available for specified incidents of exposure to staff and students, at accessible venues within the University and/or at selected service providers including in cases of sexual assault, occupational injuries and other acts of violence.

11.2 Adequately equipped first aid resources shall be easily accessible, and the Campus Health Clinic (during office
hours) and identified emergency medical service providers (after hours) shall be available to all staff and students, to
deal with injuries that occur on campus with potential risk of HIV transmission.


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